Arts Administration/Music

Training Program

Credential(s) Offered

Bachelor's degree and above

Method of Delivery

In Person

When offered

Daytime Hours

Instructional Program (CIP)

Music Management. 501003


The Arts Administration in Music program produces graduates who are able to blend what they have learned in music and other arts with strong expertise and skills in business.

This invaluable combination addresses the growing demand for arts leaders with a wider disciplinary perspective than solely art or business. The capstone experience for students is an eight-credit internship with an established arts organization in Maine.

Graduates have a wide range of career possibilities from starting their own arts group to working as an administrator in a large musical organization such as a symphony or opera house.


Entrance Requirements

High School Diploma or Equivalent


University of Maine at Farmington

WIOA Approved Program


Training Location(s)

Farmington, ME

Local WIB

3 - Central Western Local Area 3

Type of Attainment:

Bachelor's Degree

Name of Credential

Bachelor of Arts

Type of financial aid offered or have access to

Federal, State, and Institutional

Is the proposed curriculum currently certified by an accrediting agency or similar national standardization program?


Is this proposed curriculum considered a nontraditional program of training services for women?


Is this proposed curriculum considered a nontraditional program of training services for men?


Cost Items

Books (Estimated)

$900.00 Books and supplies, per year

In-State/District Tuition

$8,429.00 Per year, based on 30 credits

Out-of-State/District Tuition

$18,599.00 Per year, based on 30 credits

Total In-State Program Cost


Total Out-of-State Program Cost


Demand Occupation(s)

27-2041.00Music Directors and Composers
$0.00 per hour

Provider Status



224 Main Street, Farmington, Maine 04938

Phone Number

(207) 778-7000

Web Address

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Feb 16, 2021


May 06, 2016