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Real Estate. 521501


This 55-hour remote learning real estate agent course, approved by the Maine Real Estate Commission, is a prerequisite to taking the Pearson VUE state licensing exam. Based on the book, Introduction to a Successful Career in Maine Real Estate, by Charles “Kim” Coit, its content includes material that is basic to the practice of real estate in Maine. Concepts covered

  • How the business is organized and regulated by the Maine Real Estate Commission

  • Licensing laws and agency relationships

  • Fiduciary duties of a licensee with an agency agreement with a buyer or seller

  • Private property rights with attention to the public and private limits that may exist on those rights.

  • Required disclosures licensees must make to make to buyers and sellers

  • Basics of contracts and how to complete agreements for real estate transactions

  • Introduction to real estate financing and overview of different loan products available

  • Closings and closing costs

  • Tax considerations of property ownership

  • Miscellaneous federal laws including Fair Housing and Americans with Disabilities.

The material is presented in manageable modules. Students read the text and then answer short questions based on the text. The questions are designed to help students focus on key points and reinforce learning. The course has four quizzes. Students take the quiz and with a passing grade of 75, move on to the next topics in the course. Students may retake quizzes until they secure a passing grade. The final course grade is the grade attained on the final exam. Students may retake the final exam as well. Students have 1 year to complete the course.

Upon passing this course AND completing a course evaluation required by the Maine Real Estate Commission, students will receive a Certificate of Completion. This Certificate is your ticket of admission to the Pearson VUE state licensing exam. Students have one year from the course completion to take the Pearson VUE test. We recommend taking the test as soon after completing the real estate agent course as possible.

When students pass the Pearson VUE exam, they affiliate with an agency. The Designated Broker of the Agency and the student sign the application for a license and send the application to the commission for processing.

Students are welcome to call or email the real estate course instructor at any time during the course with questions.

Materials include:

  • Introduction to a Successful Career in Maine Real Estate textbook

  • Maine Real Estate Commission License Law Reference Book


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Entrance Requirements

High School Diploma or Equivalent


Gray-New Gloucester Adult & Community Education

WIOA Approved Program


Curriculum Competency Based

How the business is organized and regulated by the Maine Real Estate Commis

Training Location(s)

10 Libby Hill Road, Gray, ME

Local WIB

4 - Coastal Counties Local Area 4

Name of Credential

Pearson VUE Maine Real Estate Licensing Exam

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Books (Estimated)

$25.00 Only is hardcopy is desired.

Testing/Exam Fees

$85.00 Must register with Pearson VUE. Not included in course fee.

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41-9022.00Real Estate Sales Agents
$24.03 per hour
Required Certification: Pearson VUE Maine State Real Estate License

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