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Banking and Financial Support Services. 520803


Banking Today and Senior$afe are two of the four courses needed to complete the Modern Banking Representative Certification issued by the Center for Financial Training & Education (CFTEA). The remaining two certification courses, Foundations in Banking and Customer Service are typically taken once someone is already working in the field. With special emphasis on career pathways within the field, these two courses set the context for the Teller position within a financial institution, thus providing a natural next step for the Teller Training graduates as they enter the financial industry. Employer partners will continue to be engaged to provide expert knowledge and perspectives. Training will be provided remotely in a largely asynchronous model. Students should expect to commit at least 3 hours a week to their assignments from May 4th-June 25th. The Banking Today textbook will be provided.
Banking Today- 18 hours
After completing the course, students will be able to:
Explain how employees, customers and the community benefit from a financial institution.
Provide insight into the economy of banking.
Understand banking innovations and the impact on
your organization.
Understand how a financial institution displays
Explain how organization structures differ within
financial institutions and how the board, officers
and employees contribute to expanding relationships.
Identify options and develop a career pathway plan in the financial sector.
Senior$afe- 6 hours
Provides a reporting map for tellers and other frontline workers who suspect that an elderly customer may be the victim of financial exploitation and also trains these individuals to learn where these referrals might lead. This portion will be presented in collaboration with the Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions.


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Portland Adult Education

WIOA Approved Program


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Portland Adult Education

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4 - Coastal Counties Local Area 4

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Leads to a Modern Banking Representative Certificate with additional courses

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Yes - Center for Financial Education & Training Alliance

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Is this proposed curriculum considered a nontraditional program of training services for men?


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$50.00 (included in tuition)

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$14.78 per hour

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14 Locust Street, Portland, Maine 04101

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(207) 874-8155

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Mar 29, 2021


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