Excel Level 1 - Essentials

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Industry certification, Secondary school diploma

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Hybrid or blended

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Computer and Information Sciences, General. 110101


Learn the essentials of Microsoft Excel and spreadsheets to create and save workbooks, format text and numbers, select ranges and move or copy data. Learn how to use formulas and basic functions, explore printing options for worksheets and how to insert pictures. Excel can help you organize, calculate, analyze, revise, update, and present your data in ways that will help the decision makers in your organization steer you in the right direction. It will also make these tasks much easier for you to accomplish, and in much less time, than if you used traditional pen-and-paper methods or non-specialized software. This course aims to provide you with a foundation for Excel knowledge and skills, which you can build upon to eventually become an expert in data manipulation.

  • Audience

  • This course is intended for students who wish to gain the foundational understanding of Microsoft Office Excel 2021 that is necessary to create and work with electronic spreadsheets.

    This course covers Microsoft Office Specialist Program exam objectives to help you prepare for the Excel Associate (Office 365 and Office 2021): Exam MO-200 and Excel Expert (Office 365 and Office 2021): Exam MO-201 certifications.

  • Lesson 1: Getting Started with Excel 2021

  • Topic A: Navigate the Excel User Interface

  • Topic B: Use Excel Commands

  • Topic C: Create and Save a Basic Workbook

  • Topic D: Enter Cell Data

  • Topic E: Use Excel Help

  • Lesson 2: Performing Calculations

  • Topic A: Create Worksheet Formulas

  • Topic B: Insert Functions

  • Topic C: Reuse Formulas and Functions

  • Lesson 3: Modifying a Worksheet

  • Topic A: Insert, Delete, and Adjust Cells, Columns, and Rows

  • Topic B: Search for and Replace Data

  • Topic C: Use Proofing and Research Tools

  • Lesson 4: Formatting a Worksheet

  • Topic A: Apply Text Formats

  • Topic B: Apply Number Formats

  • Topic C: Align Cell Contents

  • Topic D: Apply Styles and Themes

  • Topic E: Apply Basic Conditional Formatting

  • Topic F: Create and Use Templates

  • Lesson 5: Printing Workbooks

  • Topic A: Preview and Print a Workbook

  • Topic B: Set Up the Page Layout

  • Topic C: Configure Headers and Footers

  • Lesson 6: Managing Workbooks

  • Topic A: Manage Worksheets

  • Topic B: Manage Workbook and Worksheet Views

  • Topic C: Manage Workbook Properties


  • To ensure success, students will need to be familiar with using personal computers and should have experience using a keyboard and mouse. Students should also be comfortable working in the Windows® 10 environment and be able to use Windows 10 to manage information on their computers. Specific tasks the students should be able to perform include: opening and closing applications, navigating basic file structures, and managing files and folders. To obtain this level of skill and knowledge, you can take either one of the following courses:

    Using Microsoft® Windows® 10 (Second Edition)
    Microsoft® Windows® 10: Transition from Windows® 7

Microsoft Excel 2021 Level 1


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Excel Level 1

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343 Gorham Rd South Portland, ME

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4 - Coastal Counties Local Area 4

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Postsec. Awards/Cert./Diplomas; <1 yr.

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Microsoft ExcelLevel 1

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Yes - Microsoft

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Is this proposed curriculum considered a nontraditional program of training services for men?


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$25.65 Courseware

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$100.00 Exam

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$295.00 Days

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11-3021.00Computer and Information Systems Managers
$0.00 per hour

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343 Gorham Rd, 2nd Floor (around back), South Portland, Maine 04106

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(207) 775-0244

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(207) 756-6148

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