Mold Remediation Supervisor

in County, ME

Job Description

 Position Summary
The Remediation Supervisor [Mold/Lead] (RSM) is responsible supervising general laborers to maintain quality production. They do not participate in the physical completion of tasks, other than training and coaching the general laborers performing the work. Ensures adherence with protocols, PPE, and safety policies and procedures.

 Major Duties and Responsibilities


    •  Ensures that assigned crew of general labor has all necessary tools and equipment to complete the assigned task. 


    • Trains or “coaches” the GL through their assigned tasks, such as containment, demo, and structure cleaning. 


    • Ensures that all general laborers maintain use of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and adhere to both the SERVPRO® and any project-specific uniform and conduct policies. 


    • Supervises technicians and General Laborers (GL) to maintain quality production, also participates in the physical completion of tasks, training and coaching the individuals performing the work. 


    • Ensures good safety practices are followed at all times on the jobsite. 


  • Monitors the crews and never leave the work areas with the crews unattended and will also be the time keeper for all breaks and meals 
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Posted On: Jun 01, 2023

Updated On: Jul 31, 2023

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