Operation Manager

at Town of Lisbon in Lisbon, Maine, United States

Job Description


Operates and maintains the wastewater collection system, treatment plant, and pumping stations to control flow and processing of wastewater, biosolids, and effluent in order to meet local, state or federal regulations.

Assists the Superintendent with plans, schedules and implements construction, maintenance, and operation activities designed to provide quality wastewater collection and treatment service for the town; oversees construction and maintenance work to determine acceptability and conformance to standards.

Site Safety Coordinator which includes all aspects of the system safety program and reporting.

Assists Superintendent during interaction with government agencies including but not limited to: USEPA, MDEP, MDOT, MDOL, USCG, MEMA and others on inspection, licensing, funding and other issues.

Oversees the analysis of wastewater, biosolids, and effluent samples to provide data for the efficient operation of wastewater treatment plants.

Trains, supervises and disciplines employees performing the duties of maintenance, construction and repair of wastewater collection and treatment facilities.

Writes letters to state and federal agencies and citizens.

Performs annual employee evaluations.

Monitors and performs “Dig-safe” locates & inspections of new sanitary sewer connections.

Interacts with outside contractors and consultants.

Supervises the control and use of, all materials, supplies and equipment used in the maintenance, construction and repair of wastewater collection and treatment system.

Inspects and supervises the repair of water quality equipment, sewer collection systems, pumping stations, meters, and treatment plant systems at frequent intervals to insure that all aspects of the systems are functioning properly. 

Assists with requisitioning needed supplies for the system and maintains a variety of records relating to personnel, equipment, supplies, and reports.

Advises Sewer Superintendent in matters relating to system activities. This may be accomplished utilizing a monthly report.

Supervises, instructs and assists assigned crews in wastewater collection and treatment activities.

Oversees inspections of main and lateral sewer installation for compliance with regulations and requirements.

Insures that all necessary materials, supplies and equipment are available by maintaining an inventory of parts and materials and obtaining necessary parts, tools and supplies.

Responds to complaints regarding wastewater system failures, leaks, or other problems; evaluates situation, determines if liability lies with the town or the property owner; explains findings to property owners, the town, and notifies appropriate authorities if necessary.

Insures the proper maintenance of equipment and tools by supervising the cleaning and checking of equipment and tools after use.

Assists in motivating and evaluating personnel by acting as a liaison between crewmembers and other town supervisors.

Inspects and assists in the control and use of supplies and equipment used in the maintenance, construction and repair of wastewater collection and treatment systems and other department facilities to insure that all equipment is in proper working order.

Compiles annual operating costs and makes recommendations for the system budget.

Assists Superintendent by monitoring electric use at thirteen C.M.P. accounts.

Assists in the design and installation of new wastewater collection or treatment lines, pumps, plants or related systems and facilities.

Participates in short and long-term planning of capital improvement projects.

Works with Superintendent, and other departments regarding the enforcement of rules, regulations, policies and procedures relating to the operation of the wastewater system.

Coordinates with other utilities for locations of utility systems.

Available for weekend and on-call duties plus performs other work as required

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Posted On: Nov 03, 2022

Updated On: Nov 03, 2022

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