at Pinnacle Health & Rehab at Sanford in Sanford, Maine, United States

Job Description

Job Title:  Cook

Department:  Dietary

Supervisor:  Foodservice Director

Hours:  32-40/wk.

Classification:  Non-exempt


General Description:

It is the responsibility of the Cook, under the direction of the Foodservice Director, to prepare and serve meals, snacks and supplements, and perform associated cleanup. Duties include but not limited to as follows:


Essential Job Duties That Must Be Safely Performed With or Without Reasonable Accommodation:

  1. Regular, punctual attendance.
  2. Prepare food, following the menu outlined by the Foodservice Director.
  3. Serve meals, snacks and dietary supplements, meeting specified mealtime deadlines.
  4. Replenish stock in front stockroom and walk-ins, with the assistance of the Dietary Aides.
  5. Maintain a clean, organized work area, following the established dietary cleaning schedule, with the assistance of the Dietary Aides.
  6. Properly dispose of kitchen trash as necessary, and at the end of each shift.
  7. Closely follow all established procedures related to equipment use, safety, sanitation, infection control, and hazardous materials such as kitchen cleaning supplies and returned portions.
  8. Supervise Dietary Aides and ensure their duties are completed as assigned.
  9. Check freezer and refrigerator temps and document each shift.
  10. Check and document food temps each meal.
  11. Check and document stock room temp each shift.
  12. Monitor sanitizer strength each shift.
  13. Report any abnormal temps or issues with sanitizer strength to the dietary manager.
  14. Update and print tray cards (meal tickets) as needed/requested.
  15. Assist in the training of dietary personnel as requested.
  16. Assist all departments, within the realm of foodservice, with special events for the residents, staff and public, per the discretion of the Foodservice Director.
  17. Attend mandatory facility in-services and annual orientation.
  18. Perform other duties as necessary.


Non-essential Job Duties:

  1. Participate in facility committees such as safety & QATeams.


Physical Demands/Hazards:

  1. The position requires walking, standing, bending, lifting, stretching, pushing, pulling and the manipulation of equipment.
  2. The position is subject to risks of the foodservice environment including burns, cuts and falls.
  3. The position may result in exposure to biomedical (infectious disease, body waste/fluids) and chemical hazards. The position is rated a category III, on a scale of I-III, for potential risk for exposure to bloodborne pathogens.
  4. The position may include contact with residents, families, facility staff, vendors/outside contractors and the general public. Contact with residents may result in agitation and/or physical aggression toward staff members.


Required Job Skills:

  1. Sufficient knowledge of large scale institutional foodservice procedures, including modified diets and sanitation to provide proper dietary needs for all residents (see required competencies listed below).
  2. Methodical work habits with a teamwork philosophy.
  3. Supervisory skills helpful.



  1. High school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Two years foodservice experience in a business or health care setting preferred.
  3. Current Serve Safe Certification preferred.

Annual competencies required at the time of evaluation:

Date Reviewed/Revised:  6/18

Approved By:  Anne Ambler-Cote


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