Assistant Teacher - Liberty

at Waldo Community Action Partners in Liberty, Maine, United States

Job Description

Sign on Incentive of $500 Available- $200 payable after successful completion of 90 days, $300 payable after successful completion of one year of employment.

Monthly Incentive of $200 Available- payable until September 2022 for all active full and part time employees in our Early Child  Program.

The Assistant Teacher provides developmentally appropriate preschool education that advances the cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional growth for a classroom of up to 20 children. Responsibilities include assisting the Lead Teacher/Site Manager to ensure compliance with all existing state child care licensing regulations and federal Head Start standards.


Classroom Management: Assists/Supports Lead Teacher to:
1. Establishes and maintains a safe and healthy environment.
2. Plans and implements developmentally appropriate educational activities.
3. Ensures compliance with Head Start Performance Standards related to Education and Early Childhood Development and School Readiness Frameworks, program goals and statement. Facilitates compliance with all other Head Start Performance Standards including, but not limited to, family participation, monthly home visiting, case conferencing, health & safety, nutrition, and inclusion of children with special needs.
4. Follows chosen curricula.
5. Provides oversight of children's development in the classroom:
a. Conducts observations of each child’s developmental progress and incorporate into curriculum plans, and individual child plans.
b. Completes developmental assessments for each child three times per program year, and ongoing as indicated by the periodicity of assessment tools.
c. Completes behavioral/social-emotional assessments for each child twice in the program year.
d. Recommends referral for special services as indicated by screening results, observations, and assessments and ensure applicable IEP goals are incorporated into individualization for children diagnosed with disabilities.
e. Maintains and completes Transition Plans for each child.
f. Works collaboratively with Child Development Services (CDS) to incorporate the delivery of special services into the classroom, including assisting with the scheduling of services and the provision of appropriate space.
g. Attends IEP/IFSP meetings as required for children receiving special services.
h. Conducts two parent/staff conferences with each child’s family during the program year.
i. Conducts two home visits with each child’s family during the program year. The initial home visit is conducted to build relationships as in center-based and the final home visit to complete the transition process to Pre-K or Kindergarten.
j. Dispenses medication as needed and documents according to Head Start Medication Policy.

Record Keeping and Reporting: Assists/Supports Lead Teacher/Site Manager as Follows:
1. Reports all suspected cases of child/adult abuse and neglect to the Department of Health & Human Services and Head Start administration as required by law and WCAP policy.
2. Establishes and maintains children’s records to meet all required standards and regulations.
3. Electronically submits weekly lesson plans, individual child plans, and monthly child observations to Head Start Education Manager. 
4. Submits reports of developmental assessments to Head Start Education Manager and to supervisor if different from the Education Manager.
5. Submits reports of behavioral/social-emotional assessments to Head Start Education & Disabilities Coordinator.
6. Submits documentation of parent/staff conferences and home visits to Head Start Education Manager and to supervisor if different from the Education Manager.
7. Submits documentation of child and classroom outcomes data to Education Manager.
Support for Family Participation: Assists/Supports Lead Teacher as Follows:
1. Works collaboratively with the Head Start Family Advocate to support and encourage family engagement.
2. Encourages parent engagement at Parent Meetings by providing opportunities for them to participate in their child’s development and learning.
3. Prepares monthly curriculum information to share at Parent Group meetings.
4. Prepares weekly “Family Packs” of information to send home to each family.

Leadership & Teamwork
1. Builds cooperative goals and relationships of mutual trust.
2. Works in collaboration with Agency staff to facilitate a team environment.
3. Demonstrates effective communication skills in building relationships with all employees and clients.
4. Collaborates with all partner agencies to assure effective communication processes across agencies.
5. Adheres to Agency policies in the use of computer technology and all telecommunication devices.
6. Performs light housekeeping duties in classroom and building as necessary.
7. Shares monitoring of voice and email systems.
8. Follows Code of Conduct.

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