Early Childhood Director

at Waldo Community Action Partners in Belfast, Maine, United States

Job Description

The Early Childhood Director is responsible for the support, development, implementation, and operation of department services and advancing the community reach of those services. The Director is responsible for the continuation and compliance with program contracts including Head Start/Early Head Start and required Licensing Standards. Ensures Policies and procedure are in place for program operations. In partnership with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other members of the senior management team, the EC Director helps to lead the corporation and assure compliance with the mission, goals, and strategic objectives by supporting agency functions and providing consultation, training, and expertise. This is a supervisory position with the primary duty of overseeing all operations and staff related activities in support of client, and community needs for quality early childhood programing while supporting the increased self-sufficiency of families living in poverty or managing very low incomes.

Duties include but are not limited to:

Overall Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the overall management and leadership of the Early Childhood Program.
2. Participates in and assists with Community Needs Assessment as required.
3. Oversees and ensures innovative, high quality programming, services, systems, and practices.
4. Provides for programmatic structures that supports continued growth, development and refinement of services that are responsive to current and emerging community needs
5. Ensures effective systems to regularly track and evaluate program performance, child and family outcomes, and other services.
6. Participates in program development and implementation, develops partnerships, creates, reviews and interprets policy, regulations and rules.
7. Maintains a Whole Family Approach Model in the program and supports and coordinates the model implementation across the agency with other Directors.
8. Leads an annual Head Start Program self-assessment process, completes summary reports, and presents the results to the CEO, Policy Council, and WCAP Board of Directors.
9. Uses self-assessment and ongoing monitoring data to support ongoing program quality initiatives and department goals.
10. Establishes and monitors progress towards goals and reports annually to Regional Office and Governing Bodies.
11. Oversees development, implementation, and review of department policies and assures engagement and review by Policy Council.
12. Provides annual training on inclusive leadership for WCAP Board of Directors and Policy Council.
13. Provides training, support, and consultation for department staff on early childhood education, development and social support for children 0-5 with a focus on children, classroom and family impacts.

Internal Coordination and Collaboration:
1. Responsible for interagency projects that offer coordinated services for the benefit of children and families with low incomes.
2. Collaborates with other departments on agency-wide initiatives.
3. Works in collaboration with Agency staff to facilitate a team environment. Position Title: Early Childhood Director Department: Early Childhood Program Reports To: President/CEO Supervises: Program Managers FLSA Status: Exempt Salary Range: RM2/L1 Last Revised/Approved: March 2022
4. Works with other senior managers to maintain the overall effectiveness of the agency.
5. Participates in agency strategic planning process.
6. Initiates and develops funding for new programs in conjunction with the CEO and leadership team which meet the demonstrated needs of the community and clients.
7. Participates in the coordination, implementation, and maintenance of a centralized intake process across the agency to improve the customer experience.

1. Attends Board meetings as requested by the CEO and any assigned Board Committee meetings.
2. Attends and participates in Leadership Team meetings.
3. Supports regular team departmental meetings.
4. Coordinates and participates on interdepartmental meetings as assigned by the CEO.
5. Follows Code of Conduct.
6. Adheres to Agency policies in the use of computer technology and all telecommunication devices.

Community Engagement and Outreach:
1. Supports departmental programs by conducting community outreach efforts at community events and with local partners throughout the year.
2. Acts as a key liaison with other community organizations, municipalities, school districts, DHHS, CDS and committees to promote the agency and services.
3. Assists the CEO in establishment and maintenance of positive relations with community and civic leaders, key personnel at grantor agencies and community partners.
4. Promotes positive program and agency image in collaboration with the Development Director for community education and engagement through materials, social medial, web site, and press communications.
5. Collaborates with all partner agencies to assure effective communication processes across agencies.

Program Administration & Monitoring:
1. Provides for and supports Policy Council monthly meetings, parent engagement, and skill development.
2. Develops and oversees a monitoring system and procedures to assure compliance with all regulatory processes, performance standards and regulations including licensing.
3. Ensures standards for acquiring and maintaining space, equipment and supplies are met.
4. Builds cooperative goals and relationships of mutual trust.
5. Attends and participates in Maine Head Start Directors Association meetings,
6. Ensures completion of year end Program Information Report (PIR).
7. Ensures monitoring and data utilization systems identify challenges, strengths, and opportunities with a solid commitment to quality and data-driven program decisions.
8. Ensures the flow of program information including outcomes data, School Readiness Goals, Family Engagement and other Head Start initiatives to OHS.
9. Ensures Head Start and Early Head Start programs meet OHS enrollment standards.
10. Ensures remediation of any non-compliance found in internal self-assessments or external federal monitoring or state childcare licensing monitoring.

Contract Management:
1. Prepares and submits program reports as required by all funding sources.
2. Prepares and submits Federal Head Start and Early Head Start funding applications as required to ensure program funding.
3. Develops and maintains service agreements, MOU’s and contracts to support Department needs and goals.
4. Prepares and negotiates program budgets, work plans, contracts, proposals and narratives.
5. Maintains requirements for all Head Start contracts and Performance Standards.
6. Ensures the department meets regulatory, contract, funding and licensing requirements.
7. Submits state and federal reports and other required materials timely to meet requirements.

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