Early Childhood Program Substitute - Belfast

at Waldo Community Action Partners in Belfast, Maine, United States

Job Description

Monthly Incentive of $200 Available- payable until September 2022 for all per diem employees working at least one day a month in our Early Childhood Program.

TheĀ SubstituteĀ acts in the position of a regular classroom or kitchen staff.


Classroom Responsibility:

1. Work closely with Teacher and other staff members in a cooperative manner.

2. Assist Teacher in planning and implementing a daily program which meets the needs of groups of children.

3. Greet children on arrival and departures.

4. Assist children with learning the process of dressing and undressing themselves (i.e.: outdoor clothing.)

5. Supervise activities in classroom environment.

6. Assist with outdoor supervision and activities.

7. Assist children with hygiene activities (handwashing, toothbrushing).

8. Assist with mealtimes by eating with the children encouraging conversations and table manners.

9. Ensure safety of children at all times by close, active supervision.

10. Share observations on children as requested by Teacher.

11. Recognize and report signs of illness and other concerns to the Teacher.

12. Maintain confidentiality of parent and/or child concerns at all times.

13. Show flexibility and cooperation while working in the center.

14. Keep accurate time sheet and submit it to supervisor for payroll purposes on the time bi-weekly time schedule.

15. Supports the classroom to maintain appropriate requirements for Maine Child Care Licensing and Head Start Standards at all times.

Kitchen Responsibility

1. Follows weekly menus as provided by Nutrition Coordinator.

2. Plans work schedule so that food production flows smoothly and meals are prepared on schedule.

3. Follows standardized recipes and uses portion control methods in the weighing/measuring of meal components.

4. Prepares, cooks and serves breakfast, lunch and snack according to menus to meet CACFP and Head Start regulations.

5. Ensures that special diets are adhered to.

6. Purchases and/or picks up food and non-food supplies at designated location as necessary to meet menu requirements.

7. Stores food and non-food supplies in a sanitary and orderly manner.

8. Maintains clean kitchen, storage, and serving areas on daily basis.

9. Wash and sanitize utensils and dishes thoroughly.

10. Maintains a clean neat appearance of self, including closed toed shoes, restrained hair, and a clean apron.

Leadership & Teamwork

1. Builds cooperative goals and relationships of mutual trust.

2. Works in collaboration with Agency staff to facilitate a team environment.

3. Demonstrates effective communication skills in building relationships with all employees and clients.

4. Collaborates with all partner agencies to assure effective communication processes across agencies.

5. Adheres to Agency policies in the use of computer technology and all telecommunication devices.

6. Performs light housekeeping duties in classroom and building as necessary.

7. Shares monitoring of voice and email systems.

8. Follows Code of Conduct.

Safety and Wellness:

1. Actively promotes safety and accident prevention within the workplace.

2. Reports any unsafe conditions, incidents and/or accidents immediately.

3. Manages cleaning equipment including vacuum, broom, mop and bucket, washing machine, and dryer.

Professional Growth and Development:

1. Maintains qualifications for this position as required by Head Start and state child care licensing regulations.

2. Attends professional development opportunities presented by Head Start or other professional organizations as appropriate.

Non-Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Performs additional duties as assigned.

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Posted On: Jan 18, 2022

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