Vision Rehabilitation Therapist Assistant Admin

at The Iris Network in PORTLAND, Maine, United States

Job Description

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Overview: The Vision Rehabilitation Therapist Assistant (VRTA) is a professional-in-training responsible for following the directions of their supervising Certified Vision Rehab Therapist (CVRT) in delivering specific compensatory skills lessons including: practice use of residual vision for enhanced functioning based on CVRT assessment, independent living, personal and home management (not to include cooking or safety skills), adaptive communications, braille, access/assistive technologies, recreation and leisure to assigned clients (or groups of clients) in the community or in the training center.

To be successful in this position the ideal candidate will demonstrate the ability to relate with people on an individual and group basis; have a basic understanding and knowledge of disabilities and willingness to learn about vision impairments; be organized and manage time effectively; be self-motivated; and use technology effectively.

Job Duties:

  • Work under the supervision of a CVRT, who will complete all assessments and evaluations, and follow CVRT direction on all lesson plans;
  • Teach basic compensatory and independent living skills such as communication skills, and technology adaptations to individuals or to small groups.
    • VRTA will not teach activity daily living (ADL) skills that could create a possible safety issue (such as cooking on the stove top/oven, pouring hot liquids, knife usage, shaving/nail care, medication management, diabetes management);
  • Utilize the Agency’s database to prepare and maintain client case records and outcome data in a professional manner;
  • Work within the requirements of contract and grant funding sources;
  • Serve as a resource providing information, co-present with a CVRT at public education events within the community, and serve as an ambassador for the agency and its mission;
  • Provide and maintain open lines of communication with supervising CVRT related to client lessons and outcomes;
  • Schedule client visits, travel itineraries, case notes for the lessons conducted, enter data/timesheet in the database, attend agency staff meetings, and assist the CVRT in the facilitation of community education/in –services;
  • Meet on a biweekly basis with supervising CVRT in person or over the phone to discuss clients, observations, and any questions or concerns;
  • Develop and maintain a strong and positive collaborative working relationship with other staff, inter-departmentally and intra-departmentally, across the agency to provide seamless and comprehensive services to clients;
  • Adhere to The Iris Network’s safety policies and procedures;
  • Accept and perform other duties as assigned relating to the professional role and responsibilities of a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist.
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Posted On: Jan 06, 2022

Updated On: Feb 06, 2022