Case Management Services Supervisor

at Waldo Community Action Partners in Belfast, Maine, United States

Job Description

Sign on Incentive of $1,500 Available – $250 payable after successful completion of 90 days, $500 payable after completion of certification or after successful completion of 6 months and $750 after successful completion of one year.

The Case Management Services Supervisor oversees the daily operations of the case management functions including Resources Advocacy and Whole Family. The position also serves as the agencies Housing Stability Coordinator. The Case Manager Supervisor meets program and client needs by managing program referrals, assuring a high quality of care/service to program clients, and assuring/improving staff competence. The supervisor ensures efficient and effective program operations, monitors, and participates in processing of requests for services. The Supervisor works with the Community Services Director and data reporting staff to assist in reporting functions, including state and federal data bases in tracking homeless youth and adults. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: marketing and promotional work for the program, assessing needs of the clients served; assuring compliance with program requirements, including HMIS and CSBG reporting requirements; assurance and promotion of coordination with both internal and external providers, referral sources and community partners; and provides direct care and assessment as needed for program clients. The Supervisor assists the Director in the development of program plans, policies, and procedures and the implementation of those plans, policies, and procedures at the program level. Provides program orientation to new hires and ensures services delivered meet program requirements. The overall goal of the position is supporting the agency mission and to enhance the caliber of client management and satisfaction to improve quality of life.


Manages program reporting requirements by:

1. Monitoring and managing referrals and discharges for program services
2. Maintaining and providing information for program required reports
3. Monitoring and maintaining ongoing census/data reporting into identified client record
4. Assisting with program required monthly and quarterly reporting for contracts and funding
5. Assisting in developing/measuring and reporting of performance outcomes

Monitors/Maintains program operations by:

1. Collaboratively developing and implementing policies and procedures for efficient and effective delivery
of client services
2. Monitoring and providing client assessment of needs, service-plan development, and delivery of
3. Reviewing and maintaining record-keeping and data entry processes to document services and
4. Implementing recommendations for improvement to care/service
5. Ensuring appropriate documentation according to policy and regulatory oversight requirements
6. Collaboratively working to assess standards, processes, and protocols for efficient workflow
7. Participating in supervision
8. Facilitating staff meetings
9. Managing program related expenses in a cost-effective manner

Collaborates with peers/colleagues within agency and across programs by:

1. Providing added individual and program consultation as needed
2. Coordinating and ensuring appropriate interdepartmental coordination of services
3. Accepting, coordinating, and facilitating referrals across programs to meet client needs. 

Maintains professional standing and certifications by:

1. Participating in all trainings, supervision, and consultation activities
2. Understanding and following established agency and program policies and procedures
3. Maintaining appropriate confidentiality regarding client or staff related information
4. Seeking consultation as needed and participating in the supervisory process
5. Attending meetings as required

Assures collaborative working relationships and communication outside community agencies by:

1. Collaborating with community agencies to insure collaborative and coordinated services including
linkage, referral, case management, team meetings and discharge planning to meet consumer needs.
2. Identifying and resolving system and communication breakdowns that present barriers to consumer
3. Assisting with identifying and resolving external system and communication breakdowns to assist with
consumer need
4. Facilitating consumer connections to other needed services, community resources and natural
5. Representing the agency in a professional manner
6. Act as liaison between program services and other programs and relevant partnering agencies
7. Ensuring smooth and responsive referral processes for services and program
8. Serves as the Housing Stability Coordinator.

Engages in direct provision of services and supports

1. Provides aggressive outreach and case management services as outlined under program description
and contracts
2. Performs direct services as necessary/appropriate to maintain expected productivity levels and meet
program needs
3. Builds trusting relationships and cooperative goals based on assessment needs, client and family
strengths to provide services and meet identified needs.
4. Tracks and maintains consumer and program outcomes for services
5. Coordinates services in order to enable consumers and families to mitigate the impact of poverty on
individual and family functioning


1. Assists in policy development and program planning.

Personnel Administration

1. Assumes supervisory role of Program staff.
2. Maintains a team approach requiring standards of excellence in customer service.
3. Provides orientation and ongoing training identified for supervised staff.
4. Supervises, coaches, and manages staff in accordance with WCAP Policies and Procedures.
5. Collaboratively developing training goals for program and staff.
6. Finding training resources (internal and/or external)
7. Scheduling or Providing Training staff as needed/required
8. Monitoring & recording staff completion of training

Professional Development

1. Participating in required and elective staff development activities in accordance with the individual staff
development plan
2. Keeps up to date on program regulations including state or federal that govern all aspects of the work
and provision of services
3. Participates in any required trainings, meetings, and professional development activities.
4. Seeks consultation as needed and participates in the supervisory process

Leadership & Teamwork
1. Builds cooperative goals and relationships of mutual trust.
2. Demonstrates effective communication skills in building relationships with all employees and clients.
3. Collaborates with all partner agencies to assure effective communication processes across agencies.
4. Adheres to the policies in the use of computer technology and all tele-communication devices.

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