Family Advocate

at Waldo Community Action Partners in Belfast, Maine, United States

Job Description

The Family Advocate engages Head Start families in goal setting, acquiring resources, social networking, training, transitions and participation in Head Start program activities and services. Supports Head Start collaborative programs to maintain and maximize the Head Start experience for all Head Start families.

Supporting Families:
1. Assists with and maintains Head Start recruitment and full enrollment for all program options.
2. Conducts home visits as indicated in the WCAP program plans, engaging each family assigned to a caseload.
3. Supports families to establish and achieve their personal, family-driven goals through the Individual Family Partnership Agreement (IFPA) process.
4. Assess families’ strengths and needs in order to support families in personal family-driven goal achievement.
5. Assess families progress in alignment with the Parent Family and
Community Engagement Framework.
6. Acts as a referral and resource agent for all Head Start families.
7. Supports and educates families through all transitions including case conferences and reviews.
8. Supports Head Start family members engagement in activities such as:
    a. Local Parent/Family Group Committees
    b. Head Start Policy Council
    c. Training opportunities
9. Encourages ongoing communication and engagement with all families through regular contacts, newsletters, etc.
10. Documents all contacts with families as required in each child’s file.
11. Supports families in achieving all Head Start Performance Standard requirements (developmental screenings, meeting health needs, obtaining health documentation, achieving 85% attendance, etc.).
12. Individualize for families based on needs.
13. Maintain a strong relationship with all families on caseload including follow-up throughout the year with family on goal achievement, resources given, etc.
14. Attends monthly resource connection meetings.

Supporting Volunteerism:
1. Promotes and facilitates family and community volunteer participation including volunteer education and recruitment.
2. Assists volunteers with keeping completing accurate documentation of volunteer paperwork requirements.
3. Monitors and assists with the timely completion of weekly in-kind volunteer timesheets Aggregate, co-authorize and submit classroom in-kind sheets to the Head Start main office weekly.

Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance:
1. Updates and maintains all Head Start Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment & Attendance requirements.
2. Ensures ongoing attendance of all families on caseload through daily attendance tracking and monitoring and follow-up with families who do not attend to ensure 85% or better attendance. Supports families through this process to understand the importance of attendance.
1. Assembles and maintains all paper files according to the Head Start Child File Index and Childplus database.
2. Enters and maintains required program and services data in the programs database.
3. Participates in monthly case conferencing and team/staff meetings.
4. Reports all suspected cases of child/adult abuse and neglect to the Department of Health & Human Services and Head Start administration as required by law and WCAP policy
5. Assists with annual program Self-Assessment.
6. Generates reports and data as requested.

Leadership & Teamwork
1. Builds cooperative goals and relationships of mutual trust.
2. Works in collaboration with Agency staff to facilitate a team environment.
3. Demonstrates effective communication skills in building relationships with all employees and clients.
4. Collaborates with all partner agencies to assure effective communication processes across agencies.
5. Adheres to Agency policies in the use of computer technology and all telecommunication devices.
6. Performs light housekeeping duties in classroom and building as necessary.
7. Shares monitoring of voice and email systems.
8. Follows Code of Conduct.

Safety and Wellness:
1. Actively promotes safety and accident prevention within the workplace.
2. Reports any unsafe conditions, incidents and/or accidents immediately.

Professional Growth and Development:
1. Maintains qualifications for this position as required by Head Start and state child care licensing regulations.
2. Attends professional development opportunities presented by Head Start or other professional organizations as appropriate.
3. Attends all regularly scheduled Head Start meetings, trainings and events including, but not limited to, team meetings, and WCAP staff days.

Non-Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Performs additional duties as assigned.

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