Public Works Equipment Operator/Snow Plow Driver

at Town of Milo in Milo, Maine, United States

Job Description

Job Description PUBLIC WORKS TRUCK DRIVER/EQUIPMENT OPERATOR NATURE OF WORK: This is semi-skilled labor in the operation of light and moderately heavy trucks and motorized equipment for road construction and repair, and in the snow and ice removal operations of the Public Works Department. This employee is able to handle and operate all truck attachments and carry out work assignments. Employee participates in loading and unloading work and is a capable/competent operator for the Town's equipment. Duties include the performance of manual labor tasks in connection with the operation of trucks during seasonal work projects. Instructions are given in detail for each job to be performed and may follow an established departmental routine. All work is subject to the supervision of the Highway Foreman while in progress and after completion. EXAMPLES OF WORK: Operates trucks and sanders in the plowing, sanding and snow removal on Town roads. Operates trucks and additional Town equipment in the performance of Public Works duties. Operates light to moderately heavy trucks transporting dirt, gravel, and construction materials. Assists in loading and unloading. Performs varied maintenance work including rebuilding culverts and storm drains, patching and building roads and other general duties as assigned. Picks up road debris, straightens signs and posts, removes brush. Assists in the winterizing of trucks and in mounting sanders. Assists in general repairs and preventive maintenance on vehicles and equipment and assists in general maintenance at the Town Garage. Performs other duties as assigned. REQUIREMENTS: Knowledge of traffic laws, ordinances and rules involved in truck and equipment operation. Ability to operate equipment safely and efficiently. Ability to work independently, without supervision, over a short period of time under guidelines outlined in advance. Knowledge of the geography of the Town, including street locations. Ability to make minor repairs and to perform routine service on equipment. Ability to perform manual labor for extended periods of time under adverse weather conditions. Physical strength sufficient to perform the work required. Physical examination/certification may be required, at Town expense, prior to hiring. EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: High School graduation and some experience in the operation of equipment heavier than passenger vehicles, or any equivalent combination of experience and training related to duties described above. LICENSE REQUIREMENTS Commercial Driver's License (CDL) required.

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Job Posting: 630090

Posted On: Oct 28, 2021

Updated On: Nov 27, 2021