Manufacturing Buyer/Planner

at CM Almy in Pittsfield, Maine, United States

Job Description

Responsible to source, evaluate, and purchase equipment, materials, supplies, and services for the organization.

· Create and maintain inventory item detail data and associated vendor account information on the company enterprise system.

· Analyze and maintain SKU reorder levels, quantities, and lead times to assure inventory availability is consistent with desired inventory turn rates.

· Manage the buying process from initiation to completion. Tasks include creating and dispatching purchase orders, tracking vendor acknowledgements, assuring on-time delivery, approving invoices for payment, and filing upon receipt.

· Analyze incoming purchase requisitions for accuracy and collaborate with department managers when clarification is needed. Execute the purchases taking cost, request dates, quantities and future purchase considerations in mind.

· Analyze product specifications to prepare bid requests to several potential vendors to search for purchase option. Price, quality, lead time and specification match being key considerations.

· Continuously research and gather information from new supply sources to ensure products can be purchased from more than one vendor and best price and value are achieved.

· Negotiate directly with vendors to get the best possible pricing and payment options.

· Maintain close supplier relationships including performance assessment and partnering on issues to improve our inventory/cost objectives.

· Manage cost to identify areas of potential reduction and analyze the impact of pricing changes for goods and services.

· Make purchase decisions in accordance with company procedures and regulations.

· Develop and maintain purchased product specifications in conjunction with the product management team, manufacturing and suppliers as well as develop warehouse incoming inspection procedures for those products.

· Maintain departmental relationships managing any problems related to product quality, cost, or delays in availability directly with department managers and leadership teams.

· Initiate the accounts payable process by holding and approving (or coordinating the approval of) invoices for purchased product receipts and forwarding to accounts payable and document archiving.

· Communicate any purchase order changes that affect material availability dates and communicate all potential and actual stock outs with purchasing leadership and appropriate departments.

· Maintain an outlook for upcoming changes in costs of purchased products and annually update forecast cost changes to a future cost record of the product database.

· Provide assistance to coworkers in common efforts to serve customer and company needs by providing information, assisting with tasks or participating as a team member on projects

Other duties as assigned

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Posted On: Jul 22, 2021

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