Public Works Foreman

at Town of Fairfield in Fairfield, Maine, United States

Job Description

Town of Fairfield, Maine

Department of Public Works


Position Description:           Public Works Foreman

Immediate Supervisor:        Director of Public Works


Overview of Position:

The Foreman position is a salaried exempt management position overseeing public works operations and maintenance activities including roadwork, storm drainage systems, sewer systems, heavy equipment maintenance and other related tasks as required of a municipal Public Works Department.  The employee must be highly responsible, reliable, and able to exercise independent judgment.  The employee determines work schedules and supervises a crew of approximately ten full-time employees (and seasonal part-time employees) who are often divided into separate working teams.  This position involves supervision of plow crews for extended hours during winter storms as well as emergency call-ins throughout the year.  The employee will interact regularly with the public and various contractors and therefore must possess strong communication skills.  The employee, acting as a manager of the department, must be capable of maintaining calmness and patience with individuals who may attempt to exert influence or express anger.

Other significant duties associated with this position include direct oversight and primary responsibility for the Parks and Cemeteries Department, including youth athletic fields, directing all building maintenance associated with municipal facilities, and management of the department’s Safety Program.

The employee must work cooperatively with, and under the direction of, the Director of Public Works. The employee is subject to evaluation by the Director of Public Works based on performance and results achieved.


Essential Job Functions:

*Supervises crews engaged in construction and maintenance of streets, storm drain systems, sewer systems, sidewalks, equipment maintenance, snow plowing and icing treatments, building maintenance and similar tasks.

*Inspects work to ensure conformance with quality standards.  Makes necessary adjustments to correct deficiencies.

*Maintains harmonious working relationships with and amongst employees.

*Works extended hours, as required, for emergency maintenance needs such as snow plowing, ice treatments, accident clean ups, sewer system interruptions, etc.

*Aids in inspection and evaluation of equipment to ensure safe operation.

*Receives written or oral assignments.  Manages and prioritizes workload and assigns duties to crews based on volume of work.  Provides instruction as necessary to ensure work is completed safely and to quality standards.

*Maintains timely records of materials, equipment, labor use and service to systems.

*Investigates complaints concerning public works’ activities or projects.

*Communicates promptly with Director regarding operational difficulties.

*Compares and assesses project and equipment costs for benefit of Town.

*Keeps abreast of latest safety practices and regulations and ensures completion of required annual safety training for crew.

*Assists in interviewing and hiring new personnel.

*Interacts with public and contractors in courteous and professional manner.

*Advances own knowledge of operations and technology through reviewing trade literature and obtaining training if available.

*Conducts preventative maintenance activities on roadways, sewer lines (must be familiar with sewer vacuum/rodding equipment) and related manholes and pump stations, storm drain pipes and basins as well as on buildings and related operating yards, maintenance activities.

*Conducts regular structural inspection of manholes and catch basins.

*Assists with obtaining qualified contract services when necessary.

*Advises on purchase of materials and capital equipment.

*Aids in oversight of construction completed by contractors and supervises cooperative Public Works/contractor construction activities.

*Communicates with Director regarding any personnel disciplinary matters he/she has taken.  Independently undertakes first order disciplinary actions and communicates with Director regarding additional disciplinary measures (i.e. written reprimands or temporary suspensions).

*Trains public works employees on proper use of equipment as necessary.

*Commits to being available for emergency call-ins on regular basis including evenings, nights and weekends. Calls in public works employees to service emergency needs.

*Must familiarize self with details of Public Works union contract provisions.

*Ensures strict compliance with any Town, State or Federal regulations applicable to public works employees or operations.

*Operates equipment and works on projects as necessary.

*Prioritizes projects and ensures completion in a quality and timely manner avoiding unnecessary delays or undue mishaps.

*Assists contractors/others with locating municipal utilities whenever necessary.

*Assists with maintaining accurate maps of public infrastructure and other utilities at the Public Works facility.


Education and Experience:

High School Diploma or equivalent (GED) required.

Associates Degree in Construction or Building Trades preferred.

Supervisory experience and/or training preferred.

Experience with both public works and sewer system operations preferred.

Class B Commercial Driver’s License required; Class A preferred.

Experience required operating backhoes, loaders, excavators, single/tandem axle dumps and trench boxes.

Additional technical training preferred (i.e. mechanical, electrical, computer)


Working Conditions:

This is supervisory work but often requires physical labor when working with crew members. Occasionally requires bending and stooping, work on uneven ground, lifting and carrying of objects up to 50 pounds, use of both feet for repetitive movements such as operating foot controls, use of hands for repetitive movements such as grasping of hand controls, handles, tools, etc., exposure to moving equipment and machinery, marked changes in climate conditions, exposure to dust, fumes and gases. Exposure to chemicals, bacteria and other hazards associated with wastewater and storm water collection and pumping systems.  Requires climbing of stairs.  Occasionally requires squatting, crawling, ladder use, reaching above shoulder level, crouching, kneeling, balancing and helping to carry or lift objects up to 100 pounds.  Occasionally use of computer terminal and digital equipment.

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