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As a flagger you will direct traffic for a road crew (usually construction, utility or municipal). You generally will work in a pair or as part of a larger team so strong communication skills are required. You may be required to work long hours in a variety of weather conditions to include snow, rain, and extreme heat or cold. You must be able to stand for long shifts with few breaks. You must be able to remain alert and keep traffic moving while ensuring the safety of the motorists, construction workers and yourself. You must be professional and courteous at all times, even when dealing with agitated drivers. All Project Flagging, Inc. flaggers must attend Flagger Certification Training prior to being placed on any flagging job.

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Project Flagging, Inc.


Main Street
Fryeburg, Maine 04037
United States

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Posted On: Mar 02, 2021

Updated On: May 13, 2021