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Job Description

Environmental Radiochemistry Lab Technician:

This is a contract position with the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services/Center for Disease Control (DHHS/CDC).

General responsibilities include the preparation, preservation, and analysis of environmental and drinking water samples for radionuclides in support of the State’s safe drinking water and Radiation Control programs. The range of analyses consists of radon air, radon water, gross alpha, gross beta, tritium, and gamma spectroscopy; with a wide variety of matrices being tested.

Main Tasks

· Analyzing drinking water and environmental monitoring samples and checking systems daily to ensure proper operation and quality control.

· Operating a variety of complex laboratory equipment including liquid scintillation counters, alpha-beta gas proportional counters, gamma detectors, and survey meters.

· Calibrating, cleaning, repairing, troubleshooting, and maintaining (or arranging for service on) laboratory equipment to perform assigned analyses.

· Preparing laboratory standards, solutions, and reagents.

· Assisting in the development of new methodology to improve the quality and efficiency of laboratory operations and analytical results.

· Discussing analytical results with the public to provide information and education, and consulting with federal and state agencies for auditing purposes or in any other capacity facilitating method or policy improvement.

· Preparing extensive statistical QC data analyses to certify analytical results and meet the requirements of established standards and methods.

· Assisting with hazardous waste procedures to maintain compliance, and to ensure the health and safety of lab personnel, the public, and that of the environment.

· Preparing cost estimates and placing orders of essential consumable supplies to maintain adequate resources for consistent and reliable laboratory operations.

· Performing drills and participating in laboratory response procedures in the event of an accidental or intentional release of radiological material.

· Developing and evaluating emergency procedures, inter-departmental or in conjunction with other federal or state agencies.

· The revision or creation of SOPs and section manuals, and the documentation of all processes and requirements.


A Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Physics, or a directly related scientific field. Strong math and computer skills necessary, with a focus on Excel programming. Must have radionuclide or other chemical testing experience, be detail oriented, possess analytical acumen and work independently.

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