Saltwater Marine Site Manager

at Cooke Aquaculture in Machiasport, Maine, United States

Job Description

Job Description- Saltwater Site Manager


The Site Manager has the overall responsibility for the operation of the site and a small crew of site employees

This is a hands-on operation, and the Site Manager is required to work a regular shift, with a proportion of time spent directly supervising, monitoring, and training farm staff and communicating with the Area Manager.

Intermediate goals are:

+ Ensure physical security of the fish stock and all equipment.

+ Maintain optimum fish health.

+ Ensure good feeding, growth, and performance of fish stock.

+ Maintain employee safety, training, and development.

+ Manage site operating costs.

The end goal is to achieve superior quality and cost of production.

Reports to: Area Manager


+ Reporting

+ To provide complete, accurate and timely reports, as agreed with AM

+ Reports will include weekly feed report (balanced and reconciled) morts, sea lice count, fish transfers, weight samples, manager comments, etc.

+ Reports will be submitted by Monday AM by email

+ Weight samples will be taken monthly, as coordinated with Fish Health Department

+ Stock inventory must be kept by the SM and checked and balanced against the weekly reports for the Inventory Control Technician. Report all discrepancies to the AM and the ICT immediately.

+ Staff:

+ ON SITE crew leader, supervisor, and coach/trainer

+ Communicate well with staff; keep them abreast of pertinent information

+ Provide opportunities for staff for training and further education

+ Listen to and address concerns of site staff

+ Delegate site duties to hey site personnel

+ Hire and fire as necessary with preauthorization from AM

+ Feeding:

+ Ensure the fish are adequately and appropriately fed, according to the feeding plan agreed to with the AM. This includes detailed monitoring of the daily, weekly, and period feeding results.

+ Fish Health:

+ Carry out mort dives-one time per week minimum or as otherwise discussed with AM

+ Report fish health problems and/or elevated mortalities immediately.

+ Monitor and assess sea lice burden weekly

+ Carry out routine fish testing as agreed to with the AM.

+ Recommend and carry out treatments as agreed with by AM.

+ Carry out such other tasks that will optimize fish health

+ Maintain detailed and intimate knowledge of the husbandry issues and health for every cage of fish

+ Ensure divers are used as efficiently as possible

+ Safety:

+ Bring any safety issues to the attention of the AM

+ Ensure that any/all people on farm are always wearing PFD

+ Ensure that site personnel are properly using and operating site equipment

+ Ensure that any chemicals used on site, including therapeutants, are used according to the manufacturer’s specification

+ Communication:

+ Keep the AM informed of all pertinent information

+ Keep all site personnel abreast of pertinent information and provide feedback on site performance

+ Communicated well with other managers to develop effective management team

+ Biosecurity:

+ Take all necessary steps to prevent the introduction or spread of disease to or within the site

+ Ensure that all site staff are always following the Biosecurity Policy

+ Finance/Purchasing:

+ Provide accurate end of period feed inventory

+ Use purchase system as agreed to

+ Provide signed receipts or delivery slips for all purchases

+ Reconcile feed received with feed purchased weekly

+ Site Maintenance:

+ Ensure that fish and equipment are always secure

+ Ensure that fish and predator nets are kept in good condition

+ Ensure that fish and predator nets are replaced when required

+ Maintain the site, boats, equipment, and shore base in a neat and orderly manner

+ Ensure the moorings and anchors are always secure and in good condition

+ Ensure that site equipment and scows are maintained in good working condition

+ Provide a spring and fall grid inspection that is documented

+ Predator Control:

+ Take all necessary steps to prevent predators (seals, birds, etc.) from causing harm or damage to fish and/or equipment

+ Report any incidents immediately

+ Feed Quality:

+ Routinely monitor feed quality and address any issues with AM

+ Any other steps that must be taken to ensure the efficient growth and health of the stocks.


+ Thorough knowledge of marine salmon farming

+ Seamanship, boat handling

+ Ability to supervise and lead team

+ In-depth knowledge of fish health and disease issues

+ Ability to provide written reports

+ Effective written and verbal communication skills

+ Ability to maintain accurate feed and site reports and adequate basic knowledge of spreadsheet programs and email

+ Ability to analyze production data, determine fish performance and make necessary changes to optimize fish performance

+ Ability to coordinate site events, crew, equipment, feed requirements, stocking, grading/splitting, medicating, etc.

+ Ability to maintain site and equipment securely and in excellent condition

+ Ability to effectively develop site staff and delegate responsibilities

+ Ability to analyze problems and make appropriate recommendations

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